About Us

So, How Does This Work?
We Thought You’d Never Ask.

Soda Hunt is a new service product of SPG Web + Marketing, LLC. SPG is based out of Kansas City, Missouri. It’s owned by a cool woman, Kamia Kindle, and she hires other like-minded cool women because she believes in woman power!

SPG has been operating for over 16 years. They’ve built hundreds (maybe even thousands) of websites, applications and online marketing assets for both large and small companies alike. And guess what, all of this experience and insight has given them access to so many views of website traffic types, variables, and more.

One day the idea came and basically, traditional advertising and  gamification hooked up one night, and nine months later, Soda Hunt was born! This is definitely the sum of the two.

After thinking it through, we came to the realization that online advertisement could be more concentrated, “girthy”, relevant and deliver REALISTIC results if it hyper-focused on people that are within a 30 mile radius of the advertiser.