Mini Hunt

Here we go!

Welcome to the
Sneak Peek Mini Hunt.


  • This is a 6-territory treasure hunt with actual cash prizes.
  • We’ve hidden a single egg in each territory.  The egg looks like –>
  • Find the egg and click it to get access to the next territory.
  • The first to find the 6th egg and complete the check-in form is the grand prize winner!


  • All hunters who pre-registered for this hunt are invited to play.
  • If a link was shared with you and you are not pre-registered, you are welcome to play but you will not be eligible to receive prizes.  To participate in future hunts, be sure to join our Facebook group for notifications.

How To Play

Hunters = Players
Territories = Businesses

Playing Soda Hunt is super-simple and lots of fun.  Here’s how to play:

  • Soda Hunt hides an “egg” in a territory that must be found.
  • Find the egg to proceed to the Check-in for the next territory.
  • Complete the instructions at the Check-in to receive the link to continue the game.
  • Some Check-ins are actually Base Camps with a cash prize!
  • The first hunter to complete the Check-in on the final territory wins the game!