Mini Hunt

Are you ready?

Welcome to the
Sneak Peek Mini Hunt.

While we work to complete the first full Soda Hunt, we’ve created a fully functional mini hunt, complete with basecamps attached to cash prizes.

Hunters must:

  • Have a smartphone with texting;
  • Have an active email address; and
  • Be 21-years or older.

There’s a limited number of hunter spaces – register now!

Sign Up – Play for Free!

Simply complete and submit the registration form to receive a confirmation email with game details and next steps.

How To Play

Hunters = Players
Territories = Businesses

Playing Soda Hunt is super-simple and lots of fun.  Here’s how to play:

  • Soda Hunt hides an “egg” in a territory that must be found.
  • Find the egg to proceed to the Check-in for the next territory.
  • Complete the instructions at the Check-in to receive the link to continue the game.
  • Some Check-ins are actually Base Camps with a cash prize!
  • The first hunter to complete the Check-in on the final territory wins the game!