Pay, Your Way

Congratulations, you’ve decided to join Soda Hunt’s revolutionary advertising platform!

Remember, this hunt is 300x larger than our beta hunt! Review beta results here.  Those who were not invited to “Pay, Your Way” are assessed a listing fee of $700.  The higher your price, the better the results.

If you’re ready for massive, verified traffic, go ahead and name your price!



This hunt begins once all territories are reserved.  Our expected start is late October/early November 2022.

When listing your business as a Territory, the benefits include:

  • No competition for ad placement – everyone gets the same traffic volume;
  • Thousands of website visitors, onboarded and verified traffic;
  • Deep site dives, hunters are incentivized to comb every web page;
  • Baked in Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Email capture and survey results for future marketing;
  • Social media exposure; and
  • Complete analytics and metrics reports.