Welcome to Mike’s Soda Hunt!

Congratulations on making the decision to list your business website in the upcoming Soda Hunt!

3,000 Soda Hunters will comb through every page of your website searching for the hidden egg, all the while becoming familiar with your products and services!  Once the Hunter finds the egg, they are taken to the Soda Hunt Check-in Page for your business, where they will be presented with your exclusive offer.  This is when Hunters turn into shoppers!

Advertiser Benefits:

  • No competition for ad placement – everyone gets the same traffic volume;
  • Thousands of website visitors, onboarded and verified traffic;
  • Deep site dives, hunters are incentivized to comb every web page;
  • Baked in Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
  • Email capture and survey results for future marketing;
  • Social media exposure; and
  • Complete analytics and metrics reports.

Your Check-in Page

Where hunters become shoppers.
An egg is hidden on your business website, which clicks through to your check-in page containing:

  • An exclusive offer for the hunter;
  • A claim offer button that saves the offer to the hunter’s dashboard for purchase;
  • A check-in form with opt-in and a polling question; and
  • A banner ad in the footer, available as an add-on purchase.

Ready to Get Started?

Q4 2022 HUNT:  300 Territories, 3,000 Hunters, Listing Fee:  $700.

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